Manage NuGet Packages

The process of creating a package always begins with creating a .nuspec package manifest file that describes your package contents. This manifest drives the creation of the package as well as its usage when installed into a project.

The role and structure of the .nuspec file

A .nuspec is an XML manifest file that describes a package’s contents and drives the process of creating a NuGet package. At a minimum, the manifest includes the package identifier, version number, the title that appears in a gallery, author and owner information, and a long description. It can also include release notes, copyright information, a short description for the Package Manager UI in Visual Studio, a locale ID, home page and license URLs, an icon URL, lists of dependencies and references, tags that assist in gallery searches, and more.

How to create a new Nuget Package

  • Open visual studio 2015, make sure you have installed the following extensions.


  • Create new project of type NuGet Packager
  • Add the required dlls for which package to be created, in the lib folder within project.
  • add the code in Package.nuspec as required.

for example, if you want to create a NuGet package for Sitecore Forms 8.2, following is the code for that.


  • Build the solution
  • Sitecore.Forms.8.2.1.nupkg file gets created in the project root folder in the excluded fashion. Include them into the project.

Update NuGet Packlage on NuGet Server

  • Go to the project root folder in command prompt and run the following command. Make sure you have the Nuget server url and API Key
nuget.exe push Sitecore.Forms.8.2.1.nupkg -Source 
-ApiKey xxxx

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