Sitecore.Services.Client (SSC)

Sitecore.Services.Client provides a service layer on both the server and the client side of Sitecore applications. It is completely configurable and extendable. It uses ASP.NET Web API as a foundation. The framework gives you convention over configuration: you do not have to configure your server side controller. You mark the controller with the [ServicesController] attribute and this gives … Continue reading Sitecore.Services.Client (SSC)


Sitecore Indexes

Sitecore provides the following predefined indexes. sitecore_core_index Core database and the items that define the Sitecore CMS interfaces. sitecore_master_index Master database contains all versions of every item, including unpublished versions. This is everything related to the published website. sitecore_web_index Web database contains only the published versions of every item in all languages. sitecore_analytics_index xDB analytics (MongoDB) database stores contact data … Continue reading Sitecore Indexes

Sitecore xDB

The Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) collects all your customer interactions from all channel sources in a real-time, big data repository. It connects interaction data to create a comprehensive, unified view of each individual customer, and makes the data available to marketers to manage the customer experience in real time. The xDB architecture is flexible allowing … Continue reading Sitecore xDB